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It’s well said “Its Never Too Late” to take first step and here at iwebsun I am daring to write my first post about our UX mission. On this blog platform we will share and discuss about UX – User Experience Design, Usability, UI – User Interface, UCD – User Centered Design, UT- Usability Testing, UX ROI – Return On Investment Model, HCI – Human Computer Interaction and all design related principles, science and process.

At iwebsun our mission is to improve your Customer Experience and provide them a Delightful User Experience. Now a day, as technology is improving drastically day by day and people are getting smarter with lots of expectation with all IT Services. We believe all form of Information Sharing (Web, mobile, E-commerce & all Online services) should be present in an easy way (which is the most difficult solution), which reduce user memory and intellectual load (mind is already busy with lots of things and life probs.).

Developing countries like India require tremendous improvement in Customer Services to gain best business result & revenue. This will come from meaningful design (design is everywhere in many form of life) and deep human research. Understanding human mind is impossible, but yes there are many researches, which make sure user’s use pattern. Here we’ll help and discuss about all these UX sparky things.

Huumm…, writing emotions in UX mission is never ending process coz all sentences and talk connect to many new topics.

Let’s make it short & finish it here with a promise to write our next UX Understanding article.

You all are most welcome to comment and discuss all UX issues with iwebsun. If you have any thing special related to UX Design and want to share, please write us at info@iwebsun.com.

P.S. – Above article have feelings to share knowledge, if you found any language or grammatical mistake please ignore .

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