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User Drive or User Journey is all about how the end user will use your application or service. This drive makes sure your Revenue – Conversion Rate with guarantee. If user find difficulties to complete the task or activity, he will not recommend your service to anyone or will not come back to you.

To make User Drive Path Intuitive, we have to get User Background and his Mental Model understanding towards the application task or activity. Mostly, industry works on Conceptual Model not on User Mental Model. We have to make a match between both.

UCD – User Centered Design process will help here to get End User Understanding. Below are few quick steps you can take during process:

  • Analysis – Vision, Goal, Objectives, Feelings, Challenges & Constraints
  • User Analysis – Profile, Persona and Experience
  • Task Analysis
  • AI – Information Architecture
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Prototype / Rapid Prototype
  • Design
  • Evaluation

As of now, this brief about user drive seems good to me, let’s move forward and keep checking for latest updates, signing off – Sanket

P.S. – Above article have feelings to share knowledge, if you found any language or grammatical mistake please ignore ☺.

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